April 3 - 5, 2014
Westin Hotel, Downtown Indianapolis
Schedule of Events
Doors Open at 7:00 PM
7:00 PM  Event Registration
Welcome Reception
SESSION 1 - Friday Matinee
Doors Open at 8:00 AM
10:00 AM  Country Western Single Dance Competitions
10:09 AM  American Rhythm Closed Single Dance Competitions
11:20 AM  American Rhythm Open Single Dance Competitions
11:55 AM  Pro-Am American Rhythm Multi-Dance Events
12:07 PM  Amateur American Rhythm Multi-Dance Events
12:13 PM  Pro-Am American Rhythm Scholarships
12:30 PM  Pro-Am American Rhythm DVIDA Scholarship
1:30 PM  International Ballroom Closed Single Dance Competitions
3:04 PM  International Ballroom Open Single Dance Competitions
3:50 PM  Pro-Am International Ballroom Multi-Dance Events
4:03 PM  Pro-Am International Ballroom Scholarships
4:20 PM  Collegiate International Ballroom Challenge Events
4:29 PM  Amateur Junior International Ballroom Multi-Dance Challenge Events
SESSION 2 - Friday Evening
Doors Open at 7:00 PM
7:30 PM  Amateur International Ballroom Pre-Champ and Grand Challenge Events
7:38 PM  Pro-Am International Ballroom Scholarships
8:05 PM  Pro-Am International Ballroom Grand Challenge Events
8:48 PM  World Pro-Am DanceSport Series International Ballroom Qualifing Events
9:10 PM  Pro-Am American Rhythm Scholarships
9:19 PM  Pro-Am American Rhythm Grand Challenge Events
9:36 PM  Professional Rising Star American Smooth -- Semi-Final
9:44 PM  World Pro-Am DanceSport Series American Rhythm Qualifing Events
10:12 PM  Amateur American Rhythm Pre-Champ and Grand Challenge
10:30 PM  Professional Rising Star International Ballroom -- Final Round
10:55 PM  Professional Rising Star American Rhythm -- Final Round
11:05 PM  Professional Rising Star International Latin -- Final Round
SESSION 3 - Saturday Matinee
Doors Open at 8:00 AM
9:00 AM  American Smooth Closed Single Dance Competitions
10:46 AM  Pro/Am Open American Smooth Single Dance Competitions
11:30 AM  Pro-Am American Smooth Multi-Dance Events
11:44 AM  Amateur American Smooth Multi-Dance Events
12:05 PM  Pro-Am American Smooth Scholarships
12:26 PM  Pro-Am American Smooth DVIDA Scholarship
12:33 PM  Youth Pro/Am American Smooth Multi-Dance Event
12:40 PM  Solo Exhibitions Continue
1:20 PM  International Latin Single Dance Competitions
3:35 PM  Pro-Am International Latin Multi-Dance Events
4:05 PM  Youth Pro/Am International Latin Multi-Dance Events
4:25 PM  Pro-Am International Latin Scholarships
5:00 PM  Amateur Junior International Latin Multi-Dance Challenge Events
SESSION 4 - Saturday Evening
Doors Open at 7:00 PM
7:30 PM  Amateur American Smooth Pre-Champ and Grand Challenge Events
7:38 PM  Pro-Am American Smooth Scholarships
7:46 PM  Pro-Am American Smooth Grand Challenge Events
7:53 PM  World Pro-Am DanceSport Series American Smooth Qualifying Events
8:50 PM  Pro-Am International Latin Scholarships
9:00 PM  Pro-Am International Latin Grand Challenge Events
9:10 PM  Open Professional American Smooth -- Semi-Final
9:30 PM  Presentation of Top Student Awards
9:40 PM  Open Professional International Latin -- Final Round
9:55 PM  Open Professional American Smooth -- Final Round
10:10 PM  Presentation of Top Teacher and Studio Awards
10:20 PM  Open Professional American Rhythm -- Final Round
10:35 PM  Open Professional International Ballroom -- Final Round